Stupid Negatives


In the tradition of punk acts like Blondie, Sonic Youth, Pixies, X, Fugazi, The Pogues and The White Stripes, Brooklyn-based Stupid hit the highly competitive Manhattan live scene at the beginning of 2001 and have since gained a dedicated and quickly expanding fan base.  Now regulars at such coveted NYC venues as CBGB, Knitting Factory and Arlene Grocery to name a few, their work is also featured on the Oscar nominated Jive/Nickelodeon soundtrack for the animated film Jimmy Neutron as well as in several MTV Networks promos.  Once you’ve had a listen, you’ll be hooked to the guitars and accordion-lead punk sound that has lead so many in-the-know New Yorkers to Get Stupid.


Dana Ehrlich  - Vocals, Accordion, Keyboard

Born in lovely Wayne, New Jersey Dana began infuriating piano instructors at age three and, in high school, first tasted stardom playing lead roles in such blockbusters as Cabaret and Pippin, the videotapes of which have subsequently been burned.  Dana fled the fountains of Wayne for the waters of Los Angeles where she attended UCLA as a Theatre major.  There she co-founded an experimental theatre company, the Kadmus Theatre Studio, which in 1996 was given a residency at Bennington College in Vermont.  By 1998 Dana decided she hated everyone in the company, moved to New York and immediately embraced the local punk scene as a means of venting her angst while expanding her wide-ranging musical and performance talents.  Having taught herself the accordion, Dana started the Brooklyn-based punk band The Sobs with Matthew Bixby, leading to the formation of Stupid.

Byrd  - Vocals, Guitar, Trombone

Byrd started his musical career at age eight in Kentucky when, having found a set of drumsticks, he gave his first live performance using a basketball as his drum set.  He took up trombone in the sixth grade and promptly began raking in awards (“Best Seventh Grader”, “Best Overall”, “Best Camper”) and then, in a controversial decision, quit the trombone altogether.  While President of the high school choir he suddenly decided to be cool instead, and joined a rock band.  After college in Illinois, where he majored in Music Composition, Byrd moved to Austin where he played with multiple rock and punk bands in that city’s rich live music scene.  Byrd moved to New York in 1999 and soon after hooked up with Dana and Matt to form Stupid.

Matthew Bixby  - Guitar, Toys

Born in Athol, Massachusetts, Matthew was recognized early on as being either highly talented or slightly retarded.  And we’ve yet to figure out which it is.  He’s been playing guitar since he was around thirteen and spent his youth writing songs, playing in garage bands and devising ways to escape Troy, New York.  Matthew managed at first to get as far as SUNY Albany where he majored in Photography, but New York City beckoned and he moved just after finishing school.  A dedicated punk, Matthew formed The Sobs with Dana in 1999 and is presently in mourning for the New York Knicks.

Benjamin G. Hoyumpa  - Drums

Ben has drums in his veins: his great-great-great-great-great-great-great grandfather played drums in the Revolutionary War.   But the bug didn’t hit Ben until he was a fourth-grader in Nashville, when he saw a sixth-grade girl playing drums and was instantly mesmerized (although it’s unclear if by the drums or by the girl).  Ben has toured and recorded with multiple rock and jazz ensembles including Mr. Fabulous and Casino Royale, Jon Blondell, and the Tommy Poole Quartet.  He’s studied under such notables as Jim Chapin, Arthur Taylor, Michael Carvin, and Howard Jones and has shared the stage with the Brian Setzer Orchestra as well as Tanya Tucker.  Having moved to New York from Austin in 1999, Ben became a much sought after live and studio drummer.  His varied styles add a driving mix to Stupid’s ever-expanding punk rock sound.

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